Safety Staffing

At Shadow Ridge Consulting and Safety Services, we understand that the execution of a successful project is often contingent on the overall safety. Companies look to us to provide highly trained, professional safety staffing and direct placement to manage safety for their company.

We can staff projects ranging from oil and gas to construction, oversee shutdown or turnaround operations and maintenance work. Hiring a third party safety consultant from Shadow Ridge is the perfect solution to recruiting, hiring and training permanent employees.

Why choose Shadow Ridge for Your Staffing Needs?

Shadow Ridge can staff on short notice. We have consultants on staff and access to a large network of safety professionals throughout the nation.

All of our consultants have access and support to our CSP’s, GSP’s, and Environmental Compliance Managers. If you need a CSP, you don’t need to hire one, contact our staffing consultant.

We have worked hard to build teams and a solid network of professionals throughout the nation. When you hire a Shadow Ridge Consultant, we take care of all the details.