Customized Written Safety Programs



Whether your company needs a new safety program or wants to ensure that your current safety program complies with current OSHA requirements, our team of experienced safety professionals will work with you to draft a specialized set of standards, policies, procedures, and a plan to implement it. We deliver a program that is uniquely suited to the needs of your company, employees, and worksites.
Our experienced staff of safety advisors has developed a systematic method of customizing written safety programs to comply with state and federal OSHA regulations. Our programs are based on standards from OSHA, best practices, and experiences of our field personnel. We take the hassles and headaches out of compliance.
Shadow Ridge gives you an affordable, practical alternative to cookie-cutter safety programs and manuals that try to be one-plan-fits-all solutions. 


Are you a small company that was just requested to submit your safety plan? Are you required to meet the requirements of ISNET or some other third-party reviewer?

Often, small companies attempt to develop their own safety plans by mimicking the plans of their customers or paying for a cookie cutter plan. Many times this leads to burdensome plans which exceed regulatory requirements or plans that do not completely address the activities of the company.

Your company needs a plan that meets regulatory requirements and concurrently protects your employees and company liabilities. What you don’t need are a bunch of rules which once written are enforceable and do not apply to your business.

Shadow Ridge offers affordable plans to assist you in a realistic program for your small business. We deliver a program that’s exclusively suited to the needs of your company, employees, and worksites.


Have your safety plans grown out of control? Has the corporate atmosphere grown to a level that has become unmanageable at an employee level?

Our Safety Professionals have witnessed and worked with large corporations to downsize the ownership while improving safety performance.

We can take a proactive approach in evaluating your processes and safety plans and effectively downsizing the burden to the employee while improving safety performance.

Contact us for a cost free evaluation of your safety needs.